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  • Inca Fish Cage System

    The Low Volume High Density (LVHD) plastic Fish cage is a recent
    example of an innovative plastic product that can grow-out 1,000 grouper
     fingerlings in one cropping cycle. This opens an opportunity for the ordinary fisher
    folk to gain livelihood activities as well as providing for subsistence fishing for family.

         Together with the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic resources, Inca has introduced many
    plastic products that help in the total finfish production for the mariculture industry as well 
        as in aquaculture. Plastic products such as the marine plastic cages, plastic stanchions, flotation
       modules, pearl cages, plastic payaws have now become common products that help in the
       production, post harvest activities and quality control of our fishery products both for local and
        export consumption. As of now Inca continues to develop new products and methods to 
    help generate livelihood for fisher folks.


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